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Environmental Policy

Telkoor is committed to providing best-in-class environmental, health, and safety (EHS) performance as a means of protecting our associates, customers, and employees. At Telkoor we operate our facilities in an environmentally friendly manner that seeks to preserve the planet that we all share, with continuous improvement in EHS management and processes. We strive to offer products and services that consider environmental and safety impacts throughout their life cycles. We work closely with our employees to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. 

Meeting this obligation is a primary management objective and the individual and collective responsibility of all Telkoor associates worldwide. To achieve this globally, we shall:

  • Meet or exceed all applicable environmental, health, and safety, legal and other requirements to which we subscribe in the countries in which we do business;

  • Integrate environmental, health, and safety considerations into our products and services throughout their life cycles;

  • Establish sound EHS objectives and targets and report to top management on our performance;

  • Expect suppliers to operate consistently with our EHS policy;

  • Partner with customers to assist them in improving their EHS performance;

  • Evaluate performance by monitoring results through effective management reviews and global assurance processes. 

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