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Military Modified-Standard

In thirty years of operation Telkoor has developed dozens of custom military power supplies for various applications. By slightly altering some parameters the PSU could meet the customer’s needs without developing it from scratch and re-qualifying it.

The use of modified standard products is cost effective and results with fast time-to-market It involves minimal development costs and no up-front NRE money is required.


Modified-standard power supplies will make it into users hands in weeks. Architecturally, modified-standard power supplies provide a very satisfactory alternative. Delivery times aside, the great advantage of the modified-standard approach is that it often comes without significant, or any, overhead, i.e., NRE (nonrecurring engineering) costs . The beauty of modified standards is that they can give you a custom fit for a standard price.

Our philosophy is to offer our customers a modified-standard product  from our comprehensive range of commercial and military power supplies. Many of these power supplies are manufactured in volume, allowing us to pass on the advantage of economies of scale, proven manufacturing and short lead times.

The use of modified-standard products provides our customers with many key benefits:

1.       Low development costs

2.      Low risk

3.      Short development times

4.      Low unit cost

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