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Telkoor Power Supplies Ltd is a global leader in developing and manufacturing high-grade, high-density and high efficiency power supply solutions for military and commercial applications.


Telkoor activity is  administrated by Advice Group since 2016

Brief History

Established in 1979 as a manufacturer of for the military market, Telkoor has adapted its product for commercial applications. The company has acquired by Mr. Ben-Zion Diamant in the 1990's.

In 1995 the company acquired QPS, power supplies.

In 1996 the company acquired PS ENETRONICS.

In 2016 the company was aquired by Advice Group

Products & Technology

Commercial Market

Telkoor specializes in power density control. Our products operate in Enclosed and Open frame AC/DC solutions, both AC and DC CPCI solutions, ATCA Strongbox, 
POE and Custom architecture from 50 to 2500 watts.


Military Market 

Telkoor’s power supplies function effectively in severe and harsh military environments. Our power platforms are incorporated into: Airborne Systems,
Communication. Missiles, Land Based, Naval, Ground Vehicles, UAV.

Major Clients

Telkoor Power Supplies is an approved vendor for the U.S Army, U.S Navy and

U.S Air Force. The company is also an approved vendor to IDF, NATO and major

military contractors such as Lokheed Martin, EADS, ATK, BAE Systems, Rafael,

IAI, and Elisra.

The Company's commercial customers include Motorola, Hughes Network

Systems, Harmonic Inc., Elma, Schroff, Rital.


Telkoor Power Supplies (TPS) applies the most stringent quality controls and all of its facilities are ISO9001:2008 and AS9100 certified.

TPS designs, manufacturing and QA functions are integral components of the company's global organization, which helps to ensure fast time-to-market customer's products. With manufacturing capability on three continents, the company is well positioned to quickly respond almost any customers' design requirements.
Designed-in flexibility allows rapid tailoring of product lines to meet special customer's requirements.

Safety and EML certification include: UL, CE, CSA, CCC and FCC.



Telkoor & Telkoor power supplies                                   

Address: Atir Yeda 16 st, Kfar Saba, Israel

Phone:  +972-3-9000-900    | Fax:  +972-3-902-7444

E-mail:   | Web:

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