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Outstanding design and engineering skills coupled with stringent quality control make Telkoor Power Supplies a leading force in the power supply industry.

Decades of technological excellence created cost-effective and compact power systems solutions for electronic designers. Technological breakthroughs gained from service to our defence and aerospace customers are now being brought to the commercial market as Telkoor continues
to set new standards in power density, efficiency and flexibility.

Our extensive line of off-the-shelf and custom power supplies coupled with our ability to tailor products to fit your requirements ensures you benefit from fast turn around and superb engineering with the product you need.


The company is at the forefront of power density technology development. We have developed power conversion technologies, achieving the highest power densities and efficiencies in the market.

  • Synchronous rectification for low voltage/high current outputs

  • Multi-phase Buck converters

  • ZV/ZC switching techniques

  • Semi resonant power conversion for high efficiencies

  • Magnetic amplifiers

  • Hot-Swap redundancy power systems

Design-in support

Our support star ts at the design phase. Our Engineering Group co-operates with your design engineers during all stages of the power system design process. Our engineering staff & test facilities are available whenever required.



Telkoor has a reputation for being first - to - market:

  • First with a 200W CPCI in 3U

  • First with active I2C bus for Front Ends and CPCI products

  • First with 200W open frame in 1U 3"x5" footprint


Time-to-market is always a challenge. If needed, our standard power platformsare easily modified to meet any of your requirements. Deploying our technology gives you the flexibility to meet any production schedules. Our design, manufacturing and quality assurance functions are all under one roof - Ours at Telkoor.

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