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Open Frame

The Open Frame series are the industry's smallest open frame AC/DC switchers that deliver up to 600W continuous power from one to four outputs. These power supplies incorporate active power factor correction and 85-264VAC universal input, making them ideal for use worldwide. The Open Frame  series are all built in a 3"x5" and 4" X 7" 1U configuration making them the highest density open frame power supplies available on the market today.

The series of DC/DC switchers are especially configured for the Telecom market. Built-in "ORing" diodes for 1:1 & N+1 redundancy configurations are part of our standard product. The open frame series of AC/DC switchers are also available with internal "ORing" diodes, allowing for redundancy & Hot Swap applications. Very high efficiency and power density results from the use of advanced component and circuit technologies such as synchronous rectification, low profile transformer & SMT components.

Flexibility as a concept - The Open Frame  series provides design engineers with a power platform that is flexible to meet any design requirement. In addition to the current product offering any voltage and current combinations are available upon request. Telkoor also offers Open Frame power platform solutions comprising of one or any of the offerings below:

  • Power supply - in a redundant or "Hot Swap" configuration

  • Enclosure

  • Fans (if needed)

  • Power supply encapsulation

  • I/O Connectors

  • Back plane

  • Racks

  • Wiring assemblies - harnesses & cabling

  • Ruggedized configuration (conformal coating)

Unique Features - Open-Frame PSU

Highest "power density" (watt/cubic inch) in the market today (10.8W/in³)

                        * 600W in a 4" X 7" (1U enclosure)

                        * 200W in a 3" X 5" (1U enclosure)

  • Max power at full temperature range without de-rating

  • Highest efficiency in the market

                          * AC over 81% @ High line

                          * DC over 83% @ 48VDC

  • No Minimum Loading requirement

  • ORing diode option

              * Current sharing

              * N+1

              * Hot Swap

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