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Compact PCI

The CompactPCI (CPCI = Compact Peripheral Component Interface) series are the industry's leading cPCI AC/DC power supplies delivering up to 500W continuous power.

Our full range of CompactPCI (cPCI) products are compliant with the PICMG® 2.11 power interface specification using the standard Positronic 47-pin connector.

These CompactPCI power supplies incorporate active power factor correction, 85-264VAC universal or DC input models covering a range from 18-72VDC, making it ideal for use in every application.

Very high efficiency and power density results from the use of advanced component and circuit technologies such as synchronous rectification,low profile transformers and SMT components.

Telkoor's unique design using two converters in parallel, one for the +3.3V and the other for the +5V, enable the user the flexibility to determine unique load requirements for each channel independently. Full load can be drawn from each channel independently. The CompactPCI  series provides design engineers with the flexibility they need to meet any design requirements.

We offer customers a monitor and control (M&C) system based on an intelligent I2C Bus that provides comprehensive remote status monitoring and control functionalities. 

Model #                             Telkoor Part #                Watt / Size                       Input

CPCI-DC-3U-200/24         900-3011-00                  200W-3U-8HP                18-36VDC

CPCI-DC-3U-200               900-3003-00                  200W-3U-8HP                36-72VDC

CPCI-AC-3U-250               900-3002-00                   250W-3U-8HP                 85-264VAC

CPCI-DC-3U-300/24         900-4011-00                  300W-3U-8HP                 18-36VDC

CPCI-DC-3U-300               900-4003-00                  300W-3U-8HP                 36-72VDC 

CPCI-AC-3U-300               900-4002-00                  250W-3U-8HP                 85-264VAC

CPCI-DC-6U-400               900-6003-00                  400W-6U-8HP                 36-72VDC

CPCI-DC-6U-350/24          900-6001-00                 350W-6U-8HP                 18-36VDC

CPCI-AC-6U-400                900-6002-00                 400W-6U-8HP                 85 -264VAC

CPCI-AC-6U-500                900-7002-00                 500W-6U-8HP                 85 -264VAC

CPCI-DC-6U-500                900-7003-00                 500W-6 U-8HP                36 -72VDC

CPCI-AC-6U-600                900-6112-00                 600W-6 U-8HP                85 -264VAC

CPCI-DC-6U-600                900-6113-00                 600W-6 U-8HP                36 -72VDC

CPCI-AC-3U-300-R             900-4602-00                 300W-3 U-8HP                85 -264VAC

CPCI-AC-6U-400-R             900-6602-00                 400W-6 U-8HP                85 -264VAC  

CPCI-DC-6U-350/24R        900-6601-0000             350W-6U-8HP                18-32VDC

CPCI-DC-3U-200/23 (3011)
CPCI-DC-3U-200 (3003)
CPCI-AC-3U-250 (3002)
CPCI-DC-3U-300 (4003)
CPCI-AC-3U-300 (4002)
CPCI-DC-6U-400 (6003)
CPCI-DC-6U-350/24 (6001)
CPCI-AC-6U-400 (6002)
CPCI-AC-6U-500 (7002)
CPCI-DC-6U-500 (7003)
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