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CPCI- DC - 3U - 200/24 (3011)

Industry's leading CPCI power supply delivering 200W (250W optional) continuous power. Compliant with the PICMG 2.11. Telkoor's unique design using 2 converters in parallel  one for the 3.3V and one for the 5V enable max. current draw on the two outputs together.

  • Efficiency - better than 78%

  • 200W or 300Eatt output power

  • 18-36VDC Nominal input voltage - Telecom

  • Operation Temp -5ºC - +55ºC - No De-rating

  • "Hot-Swap" Active Current share on V1 & V2

  • N+1 Full redundancy operation

  • No Minimum loading requirement

  • Standard PIVMG® 47Pin Connector

  • Safety per UL CSA & CE Marking

  • Metts FCC-68 Part 15 Class B & EN-55022 Class-B with external line filter

  • On-board E2PROM for PS H/W configuration

  • Faceplate & Extractor can be modified 

CPCI-DC-3U-200/24 (3011)
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