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Front End & Advanced PCA

POWER DENSITY is the core of our front end product line. Our front end product line enables carriers, service providers and Telco equipment manufacturers the flexibility they need to power their equipment with the most cost effective solution available on the market today. Most of Telkoor Front Ends include the Advanced TCA IPMI shelf managment option. Deploying our new StrongBox(r) platform saves substantial "real-estate" at the central office (PABX). Lowering vendor's cost per line, increasing their line card density and lowering unit costs, provides the end user with incredible cost performance enhancements. Product reliability and extremely high MTBF are at the core of Telkoor's field proven technology. Have a "Special", "Custom" or "Unique" application - Telkoor has the right solution for you! Our dedicated staff of engineers will design the perfect fit for your application. We will deliver ON TIME, ON BUDGET and always a superior quality product ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

Front End Applications

  • AdvancedTCA Power

  • Standard "building block" approach

  • Telecommunications Design Platform

  • Digital Video Processing and Broadcast Equipment, Media Converters using 48v input

  • WI-MAX Base Stations and RF Communications "front-end" power source

  • For Next Generation Telecom Backplanes

  • Bulk 48V power for DPA to power DC/DC converters

Front End Features

  • 48V @ 4500 Watt output Self Cooling 24V & 12V available

  • Compact size - 1U   19" rack

  • Modular redundant 600, 800 & 1500 watt Cassettes (Three or five in one shelf)

  • High efficiency (90%) - Front to back internal fan cooled

  • Wide range input including PFC

  • Active IPMI or I²C Data bus - ATCA Standard

  • Superior low output noise

  • Meets FCC 68 part15 & EN55022 class B requirements

  • Operating temperature range 0°C to +50°C with no De-rating

  • Fully protected for over-load, short-circuit, over temperature & over-voltage

  • Redundant "Hot-Swap" hub system

  • Cabinets can be connected in parallel for higher power outputs

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