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Quality Policy

Telkoor Power Supplies Ltd. values its customers’ satisfaction and endorsement by providing quality products.

Telkoor Power Supplies Ltd. aspires to be one of the world’s leading companies in quality power supply equipment, providing its customers with the maximum value for their money.

The Company’s policy is to supply its customers with high quality products that meet the requirements of the contracts and specifications.

The purpose of our quality assurance procedures is to clarify the rules for implementing this policy and to provide the employees with general instruction regarding the quality efforts put in the Company.

Telkoor Power Supplies Ltd. quality activity emphasizes the prevention of quality problems and is committed to continually improving this process. Therefore, the Company expects its managers and employees to continuously improve the work quality level. All the Company’s personnel should be familiar with this quality policy.
Our quality assurance procedures are based upon, and comply with, the following requirements:
AS 9100 Quality Management System - Aerospace - Requirements

ISO® 9001:2008 Standard – the quality system – a quality assurance model for designing, developing, manufacturing, installing and servicing.

Management will review the quality system level in accordance with the following activities:

  • A constant improvement of the production processes (First Yield) according to the test results.
  • Decrease failures in the production process, reducing raw material costs.
  • An increase in product quality leading to a decreased number of customer complaints and returned products.
  • Improvement of incoming test results at subcontractors/vendor’s products.
  • Quality improvement in the development processes.

Once a year, the Organization’s Management shall define measurable and achievable goals to these established activities and urge its employees to achieve those objectives.

Gideon Sela – Quality Manager

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