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Telkoor announces a CompactPCI COTS power supply for the military, industrial and railway markets

Industry’s highest power density rugged cPCI

Netanya, Israel, August 14, 2008 – Telkoor Power Supplies Ltd., the leading designer and manufacturer of military and commercial power supplies, today announced the new cPCI COTS Power Supply family. Telkoor breaks new ground as the industry’s superior designer of power density solutions for ruggedized cPCI power supplies. By strengthening the standard model using additional gluing and strengthened fixing of components the products are designed to meet MIL-STD-810.



cPCI COTS family is an easy-to-use modular system designed for harsh environment applications. The new module can be operated from -20°C to +60°C. There is wide range AC input 100-240VAC including 400Hz and wide range DC input 18-72VDC (48V & 24V models). Conformal coating and stainless steel covers protect the power supplies. Using external filters they are designed to meet MIL-STD 461.


The cpCI COTS family consists of 3 models: 900-3011-xxC (CPCI-DC-3U-200/24- COTS), 900-4602-xx (CPCI-AC-3U-300-COTS) and 900-6602-0000 (CPCI-AC-6U-400-COTS). Dozens of units have already been shipped to major defense customers in Europe and to leading railway systems manufacturers. The systems are field proven and customers who have utilized them in demanding applications have decided to move from standard cPCI to the cPCI COTS family, in order to enjoy the extra benefits of those systems.


“We are proud to announce the launch of the cPCI COTS family – the highest power density rugged solution in the industry for cPCI applications,” said Boaz Weiss, Telkoor VP Marketing & Sales. “I am certain that the cPCI COTS family will build on the success and overwhelming acceptance of our standard high-grade cPCI products, which have received an excellent feedback from the market and are used currently worldwide in less demanding applications by major electronic defense and railway equipment manufacturers. The cPCI COTS is a breakthrough in power density and ruggedness that represents our 30 years expertise in both military and industrial power supplies. Using cPCI COTS the system manufacturer can quickly and easily utilize the power supplies in harsh environments while retaining the existing the standard cPCI enclosures, leading to rapid system deployment and quick return on investment.”


Telkoor’s standard cPCI family consists of 11 high-grade power supplies, including the unique cPCI 24V power supply. No minimum load is required and I²C Data Bus option is available. The temperature range of the standard cPCI family is from -5 to +55°C with 200 LFM Airflow. The units may be supplied with modifiable faceplates, overlays & extractors.



About Telkoor Power Supplies


Telkoor Power Supplies Ltd.,   (TASE: TLK) is a market leader in power supplies for military and commercial applications, ranging from airborne, missiles, land-based, naval, ground vehicles and UAV to custom and off-the shelf commercial systems for the telecom, industrial and consumer markets. Founded in 1979, Telkoor has extensive experience in design, manufacturing and delivering of custom military power supply platforms. The company is an approved vendor by many armies, air forces, navies and global defense organizations.


For international media inquiries, contact:


Boaz Weiss, VP Marketing & Sales

Tel:  +972-9-8632313

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